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1993 - late show - trevor moore, tim porter earthwatch - ?, greg wignal, madeline getson, clare brunner, treevor moore, vic guglimino earthwatch - trevor moore, ?, greg wignell
1987 - holiday - renmark -mark jennings, trevor moore, ivan johnson, mark tarpey weekend magazine - roulettes - trevor moore, mike patterson, george murahidy, richard ?/span> st 31 - cafe continental live to air - bob flower on crane
studio 31 - 1959 - live to air drama original countdown producrtion crew soner- hudu gurus
"and the big men fly" "and the big men fly" dana williams, corinne kerby - "mainly for women"
"mainly for women" corinne kerby & dentist corinne kerby & dentist
corinne kerby & red cross lumdsen family on - "matinee" corinne kerby - "matinee"
corinne kerby - "matinee" golf at showground studio fashion show
chris edwards - malaysian gp 1956 olympics - camera - roy hammond jeff purcell & french models - womans world ob at monsalvaat - dir.-maurie lockie
drsss designer michael guest imbi newbold, model, oscar whitbread, joy wren, joan melwit isolde plant - "womans world" ripponlea - ob ripponlea - ob
charles slade, neil proud - sports arena return from adelaide golf - see clippings john tuttle, max gaffney the rover crew - in queensland 1974 - sportsnight - david olney, ian wilson, ? Pa
1974 - sportsnight - frank mills, pa ?? janet lane, ? tim lane, fitst jack high series jeff purcell,Mrs ashford, dick mason, allen prodmore, jo mclennan bill pritchard,joe murray, ian battersby, sue struth, enroute edinborugh games 1986
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